Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm gonna write stories about space explorations , meeting Aliens and finding foreign civilizations.
My inspiration source is my knowledge about the universe and movies and documentary films about such topics, also my readings about this that.
We are in space right now in a gigantic and amazing spaceship, yes it's our planet , The Earth , our home. We are traveling in universe with amazing speed at time and in space. We have only one lab and observatory which is same as our home, our planet, also we can only watch not to disturb it or do some experiments on it.
One day human civilization would meet other civilizations, it's a fact! I believe in this, we need our whole knowledge , technology , science and minds, at that time, we must be ready for that. So I'm doing my part, to imagine and think what would look like other Beings , outside our planet. What is life, should it look like to our known types or it could be something else? It's so fascinating for me, so I read and collect knowledge about this topic whatever I found it.


  1. I'll sure follow your blog, it's one of my interests...

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  2. Cool! So you may like this: http://www.hulu.com/watch/23946/cosmic-voyage


  3. Thank you for your attention and encouraging words :)