Saturday, April 4, 2009


I decided to share this answers as post in the blog because the article here is base of my first story, the first possible foreign civilization which we can meet it. It's not so far away from us, even we are living with them.
my friend Kourosh asked some questions, I think it's so useful to share the answers with you, in main blog.

1- Are instincts a form of intelligence, at least in primitive tasks?
yes they are, let me explain by detail.
suppose an agent must do a certain job in an uneasy environment, such as terrains. The first thing that robot must do is to continue it's mission, it's the essential point by which it could complete it's mission. For doing that it must not do thing's or actions that can harm itself, in other words it must protect its existence. So actions like getting back the hand from hot object which humans and animals do without thinking is a kind of intelligence. This kind is not depended on the object by itself, they are property of creature or maker of the object. I think it's a low level intelligence, but it's a kind of that. This is so far away from thinking, problem solving or such things. Instincts are a kind of intelligence too. They are essential for the object (human/animal) to continue it's living. You know there is no need to waist computational power in things that are so clear, the answers and actions designed and tested for known situations and problems, I call those solutions instincts. For example fear is a instinct, that protect us and do not let us to put ourselves in situations which are dangerous. ;)

2- Can intelligence be harmful to it's own being?
you know the humans are the creatures who can be suicide, also they are known as the most intelligent creatures on the Earth and known living world.
but there isn't any relation between to be intelligent and to be harmful to it's own being. May be you are mentioning harmful invention or global warming that are man made, so may be humans are smart enough to protect themselves form them. I duno, the coming future would prove this.

3- Does finding the signs of intelligence mean that there is a life out there?
no, they could be the robots or even an the structures of a lost foreign civilization in the universe.
but it would show that there was something. Do you remember the last civilization in the AI movie, they are bots, the remain and the continuation of human civilization when they don't exist any more.

4- Do you believe in soul?
it's so so hard to explain this.

intelligence - description by detail

At first glance an intelligent creature can learn, learning is a process in which the object acquires new skills, understandings, preferences, behaviors and knowledge. [learning] for the success of learning the object must have some kind of memory and it must use that memory. Knowledge is the thing that the owner of that suppose a certain phenomena could be described as the way he knows, it's about the describing things as Aristotle said.[knowladge] Inteligent creature have a certain way of comunication to share knowlage between themselfs, it's called language.[Language]
The hardest thing is problem solving, this is to get from current state to desired state, in the way that this states are parts of a hole issue called the problem. in some how it's more intengible for us to undrestand this, when a dog uses door handle to open it and gets inside the house.
Finally let's describe the logic. as you know logic is the study of the principles of valid demonstration and inference.
Each of this issues could be descused infinitly, but let's to start stories before the readers get borred.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Intelligence - an introduction to defining the intelligence

Defining intelligence it's not easy at all. May be every body thinks he/she is familiar with it. When you hear about intelligence what comes to your mind? for example when a web page or search engine suggests you a new feather or result, that may causes you wonder and you think how wise it is, wow omg! or when a software recognizes your voice and by the means of that you can do jobs just ordering by saying the commands, or when you see a dog solving a certain problem to get what it desired, for example get inside the house by opening the door by pooling the handle, or so on, Such things sounds smart things. But defining intelligence it's not as easy as this examples are. The phenomena such as memory, problem solving, originality, talk ( using a certain language to transmit a message), inference, abstract thinking, even thinking by itself, Creativity, Knowledge, learning, reasoning and planing are ale aspects of the intelligence or the wisdom. A creatures must be intelligence at first to be able make civilization, so the foreign life must be intelligent so it can create it's own civilization. How a living thing could be called intelligence? this is a primary question. So in next issues I'll try to explain the intelligence. Hope you would help me by your discussions and criticism.