Saturday, April 4, 2009

intelligence - description by detail

At first glance an intelligent creature can learn, learning is a process in which the object acquires new skills, understandings, preferences, behaviors and knowledge. [learning] for the success of learning the object must have some kind of memory and it must use that memory. Knowledge is the thing that the owner of that suppose a certain phenomena could be described as the way he knows, it's about the describing things as Aristotle said.[knowladge] Inteligent creature have a certain way of comunication to share knowlage between themselfs, it's called language.[Language]
The hardest thing is problem solving, this is to get from current state to desired state, in the way that this states are parts of a hole issue called the problem. in some how it's more intengible for us to undrestand this, when a dog uses door handle to open it and gets inside the house.
Finally let's describe the logic. as you know logic is the study of the principles of valid demonstration and inference.
Each of this issues could be descused infinitly, but let's to start stories before the readers get borred.

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